faq | Find answers for all your questions and concerns regarding our personalized jewelry collection. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Q: What is personalized name jewellery?

A: Personalized name jewelry is custom-made jewellery that is designed to incorporate a name or word chosen by the customer. Often regarded as a fashion statement, name jewellery consists of exclusive pieces that are seen in fashion centers worldwide and are worn by famous celebrities and icons.


Q: Why do so many people buy name necklaces as gifts?

A: Name necklaces and other items of personalized jewelry are suitable for all ages and make wonderful gifts for special occasions. A gift of personalized jewelry is a lifetime treasure and a perfect way to show your family and friends how much you love them.


Q: Does all your jewelry come with a gift box?

A: Yes, all of our items are packed in a FREE gift box! Q: Do you ship worldwide? A: Yes, of course. We ship worldwide free of charge.


Q: How long will it take to get what I ordered?

A: Delivery times to different countries vary, so please note the following: Manufacturing time – 3 - 5 working days from the time you place your order Free shipping – Standard Registered Mail worldwide. Delivery time is 8 - 12 working days. Express shipping – EMS worldwide, door-to-door delivery at a cost of US $29.95. Delivery time is a maximum of 5 working days.


Q: Do you have different chain lengths?

A: Yes. Depending on the chosen material, you can select any length at no extra cost. The following lengths are available: Silver chains: 14",16",18",20" and 22" Gold chains: 14",16" and 18" Please see our Chain Length Guideon our website for a picture of your option.


Q: From which materials do you manufacture your jewellery?

A: We manufacture our products from the following: 14K yellow gold (nickel-free) 14K white gold 18K yellow gold Plated 0.925 sterling silver (nickel-free) 0.925 sterling silver (nickel-free) Swarovski crystals Diamonds


Q: What kind of chain styles do you offer?

A: We offer the following styles: sterling silver: - Box - Figaro - Rollo 18k gold-plated sterling silver: - Box - Figaro - Rollo 14k gold (yellow or white): - Box - Twist Q: Is it possible to design a necklace with 2 capital letters?

A: Yes, it's possible. Each name necklace can be made with 2 capital letters. When ordering, please use the “Comment” field to add this detail.


Q: How big is the nameplate?

A: Nameplate sizes vary according to the length of the specified name. 1. The average sizes range from 0.75" - 2" (2cm - 5cm). 2. The smaller versions range from 0.7" - 1.5" (2cm - 4cm).


Q: Is the length of the nameplate included in the length of the chain?

A: No. The chain length does not include the length of the nameplate. If you order a name necklace with a 14" chain (35.5 cm), the length of the entire necklace will be approximately 14.5" - 15.5" (36.8 - 39.3 cm).


Q: When should I consider ordering a name necklace in double thickness?

A: For maximum durability, we always recommend that the pendant be ordered in double thickness. However, you should specify double thickness for names that include more than eight letters, or when you want the necklace to stick out a bit more! Many customers choose double-thick material for short names as well, since it makes the product more robust. However, this is only a recommendation and the decision is entirely yours.


Q: Will sterling silver tarnish?

A: An item of jewelry made of sterling silver might eventually change color. This is a natural process and is not due to any type of defect. If your skin type is acidic, tarnishing may occur very quickly. Use a silver polish to remove tarnish and restore the shine to your jewellery. In some cases, letting your local jeweller buff your jewelry may help to slow down the tarnishing process.


Q: Is it possible to manufacture a pair of earrings using two names?

A: Yes, it is. Each earring can be designed to incorporate a different name (one name for the left and another name for the right). Just type in your exact requirements when you place your order. It is also possible to order only one Earring.


Q: May I add a diamond or a crystal to my necklace?

A: Of course you can! A diamond or a Swarovski crystal will add a touch of class to your necklace. Please note that the necklace will be manufactured in extra-thick material in order to incorporate the stone.


Q: What is a Swarovski crystal and does it sparkle?

A: A Swarovski crystal is a precision-cut glass crystal manufactured in the Czech Republic. These beautiful, high-quality crystals are extremely durable. Items that include a Swarovski crystal are manufactured in double-thick material.


Q: If I order a name necklace with a Swarovski crystal/diamond, where can I place the stone if there is no letter “i” in the name?

A: We can position the stone nearly anywhere on the pendant. Normally, when the name includes the letter “i”, we place the stone inside the dot of the “i”. If the name does not include the letter "i", we usually embed the stone in the first letter of the name.


Q: Do you use real diamonds in your jewellery?

A: Yes. We only use genuine diamonds. Q: How do I create an account on your site? A: Just follow these simple steps: Click Log In at the top of the site. Click Create An Account. Enter the required information in the Personal Information and Login Information fields.


Q: How do I place an order?

A: Proceed as follows: Select the product you wish to purchase by entering the name/word for the nameplate, the chain length and thickness (if necessary). Click the Add To Cart button. Type in the shipping address and complete the payment process. The item will be shipped to you within a few days. Our online customer service team is available to help you (almost 24/7) during the order process.


Q: How can I pay?

A: You can pay with your credit card or PayPal account.


Q: Can I return the jewelry and get a refund?

A: Yes. You may return the item to us and we will refund your money as soon as we receive the jewelry. No questions asked.


Q: How do I cancel an order?

A: Orders placed through our site can be cancelled in accordance with our customer return policy. Please contact us by e-mail if you wish to cancel an order. For orders cancelled prior to manufacture, we charge a cancellation fee of 5%. In the event that a cancellation is received before an item is shipped, the customer will receive a refund of 70% of the value of the order. We have great confidence in the design and quality of our products. However, if for some reason you wish to return a product, you are requested to send it back to us in the original packing within 100 days of receipt. We will refund your money (minus the shipping costs) as soon as the product arrives at our warehouse.